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Taking the Dirt Out of Growing, One Closet At a Time

Here's a little something for your bowl, courtesy of Alain Badiou's short essay "On a Finally Objectless Subject". Be sure to use the cleaning tool beforehand, though, because it's on the massy side:
A subject is that which fends off the generic indiscernibility of a truth -- a truth it effectuates in discernible finitude by an act of naming that leaves its referent in the future anterior of a condition. A subject is thus, by the good graces of names/nouns, at once the real of the procedure (the assessor of the assessments) and the hypothesis of that which its unachieved result would introduce once again into presentation. A subject emptily names the universe yet-to-come that is obtained from the fact that an indiscernible truth supplements the situation. It is concurrently the finite real, the local stage of this supplementation. Naming is only empty insofar as it is pregnant with what its own possibility sketches out. A subject is the antonym of an empty idiom [langue]."
I'm not always sure how many stamps to put on a letter, but I'd place this one just to the right of Curium. Remind me to tell you about that time I couldn't lift my head off the floor, yet somehow found myself packed into a VW bug with five others for a trip to Bertola's, where I ended up drinking one Long Island Iced Tea after another. Vive la liberté et la vie au rebours!
Tags: commonplace book, humor, theory
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