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Fake Easter and Its Non-Simulacral Double

Well, we celebrated Easter a second time this morning. The Easter Bunny rewarded our patience with a larger quantity of eggs, but placed them in more difficult places, some of them too prickly. But when the Easter Bunny has to arrange matters in the dark, it's not always easy for him to recognize the potential danger in the challenges he poses for our youth.

Indeed, he appears to have been struck by an aesthetically inclined tunnel vision, since many eggs were found in places conducive to photo ops.

Of course, when one's front yard is as drop-unconscious gorgeous as ours is this April, attractive Easter landscapes are easy to come by. The palo verdes in the background aren't ours, technically, but I did work to save them from destruction in the early deliberations of the Northern Heights Homeowner's Association.

Bean was particularly enamored of the pearlescent eggs left behind by Mr. B. For my part, I was happy that Kim sat where I could get numerous presentation-of-the-loot shots.

But what made me happiest of all, aside from my girl's early-morning delight, was that Old Red got to be a part of the festivities. He sure looked proud with that egg tucked under his windshield wiper. You can almost see him smiling as she walks away with it in tow, acknowledging his inclusion in the proceedings.

Maybe it is a little exhausting having the Easter Bunny come twice in one year, but I'm still glad he did.
Tags: family, holiday, humor

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