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Don't Look At Me!

I'm amazed how much Skylar is learning in school. She is already starting to study the simplest fractions and multiplication. And the reading comprehension strategies they teach her are excellent. When I tell you what she told me yesterday as we were walking into the Foothills Mall incarnation of Chipotle -- and what is Chipotle except a place to practice incarnation? -- bear in mind that it really didn't come from any conversation that I or her mother had with her: "I want to write a non-fiction novel one day."

My goodness. Now it is true that, when we were sitting at the B & N café later that evening, she would not have been talking about epistemology and ontology without my having brought the subject up. But when she thought about their respective definitions for a minute and then said, "Epistemology is about the schemas we make in our minds," then proceeded to explain how they had been learning what schemas were and how to use them when encountering new material, that connection did not come from me. "I'm going to tell Mrs. Green we should start discussing epistemology," she added, not realizing that the leap she had made from what she had learned in school and what I was talking about is not one that most first graders are prepared to make. To once again quote her mother, "I love my kid."
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