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"Silly critic, American Idiot is for kids."

As I was driving Skylar down to the U of As "Awards of Distinction" ceremony last night, she regaled me with tales of her field trip to the International Wildlife Museum. Her mother, who accompanied her, has already written about the experience and also put a few of Bean's photographic experiments up for your viewing pleasure. Clearly, the girl was not upset by seeing all those stuffed animals -- though she may have retroactive concerns that will surface later -- and had a great time overall. In the car, though, she confessed that not everything had been to her liking. The boys from her class who rode along with her and her best friend in the latter's family minivan were a bit unruly, apparently. One of them borrowed her camera and took too long to give it back. But their gravest offense, to quote Skylar was, "singing Green Day songs."

Given my acute interest in all things vaguely related to punk, I pressed her on this point. "They use a lot of bad words in their songs." I asked her where she'd heard of the band in the first place. "Oh, they sing Green Day all the time at school to annoy the girls. When we're trying to work they start that one about the lonely road. And then we have to sing our songs to get back at them. Then nobody can get anything done." I explained to her that I owned a Green Day album and that members of the band came from a town very near to where we used to live in California. Then I mentioned the ironically lamented Rod's Hickory Pit in V-Town, where the singer's mother used to work. "Can you sing the lonely road song then, dad?" I had to confess that I couldn't. But I suspect I'll be finding the song for her one of these days. It's good to stay abreast of what those unruly boys are into.
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