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Eating snacks at AJ's coffee window tonight, -- Skylar likes to sit right where people would theoretically be ordering their lattés and muffins and perhaps do order same in the morning, but not in the evening -- Kim alluded to her response to my last, long entry.

"I like things to be concrete."

"I prefer a wood floor," I replied.

"Me too," she answered.

Since the wood floor was denied me at the JCC today -- youth basketball practice has now spilled over into late Saturday afternoon, which used to be my fail-safe time for getting a place on the court -- I went upstairs to the gym and watched Stanford play badly against Stanford.

But I had to shoot a little bit, so I ended up on the outdoor court next to the tennis complex, contending with wind, the poorly stabilized rim, and the pounding my knees took on the hard surface.

And to think I used to always play outdoors.
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