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Tombstone Roses

Our kitchen window used to look out on one of those generic brown cinderblock walls that plague Southwestern-themed subdivisions. But we made the smart decision to plant some Tombstone roses two years ago and now we see green leaves all the time and white flowers in the spring:

The prospect does wonders for my mood when I'm standing at the sink doing dishes. What's great about this particular kind of rose is that the edges of the leaves are festooned with what appear to be tiny crystals. Given the right angle, they really shine:

For those of you who don't know, BTW, they are called "Tombstone roses" because they supposedly derive from cuttings taken from the world's largest rose, a massive plant dating back to the nineteenth-century that is a major tourist attraction in Tombstone, Arizona. It could be that our roses are simply the same subspecies as that famous specimen. But I like the idea of their coming from another century.

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