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Heavy Rotation

Here are some of the things on my mind these days:
• The Fall
• pollen
• Seattle
• steak
• Dennis Hopper
• the state of exception
• interior passing
• Alain Badiou
• the first person singular
Das Boot
• shoulders
• boom microphones
• The Dramatics
• Northern Virgina
• relative humidity
• interstices
• peach
• Flight 93
• hormones
• Thom Gunn
• marks on the floor
• rattlesnakes
• Dada
• those huge aviator glasses all the college girls wear
• heat
• Barry Bonds
• disinterest
• English muffins
• hugging
• ideas for offensive bumper stickers
• muscle cars
• Bean
It's not an exhaustive list, to be sure, but I'm happy with the way it represents the desiccated wash of my consciousness.
Tags: autobiography, everyday
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