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No Hormonal Backsliding

This year's festivities kicked off like last year's. Waking to all sorts of stress, my face swollen by my reaction to the film of pollen that covers everything in Tucson this time of year. Then I sat down at my computer and was heartened to see that I had received another installment of salutations from a restaurant I've never seen in person:
Happy Birthday Charlotte!!!

As a member in good standing in Duke's Email Club and having a birthday on 5/20/1937, you are entitled to a FREE dinner entree, good for one single entree, as my birthday present to you. Please print this letter, sign it at the bottom to validate and bring it to Duke's for your birthday celebration!

Your free dinner is good on any Tuesday of the month through June 3, 2006. And for parties of 6 or more, a FREE dessert of your choice for everyone. Thanks for being a member -- I appreciate your business. Remember, you can never spend enough time at Duke's Chowder House. Please make reservations.

See you soon!
I wonder what should disturb me more A) the fact that I received a message that should have been sent out on May 20th on May 6th for the second year in a row; or B) the fact that my double-goer "Charlotte" has a feminine form of my name. At any rate, it feels good to be acknowledged randomly in this manner. Let's hope that this marks the start of a tradition.
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