Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Weekend Agenda

Skylar went to bed even later than she usually does on Kids' Night Out because we had to make a run to Safeway for cat food and she was still hungry when we returned home. But she slept until 11:45am, luckily, and is in excellent spirits.

My plans for today are to A) hit the Bagel Place for a leisurely brunch with Skylar and, in my case, coffee during which we will read and write; B) see the puppies up for adoption at Petco; C) find a Mother's Day present for Kim; D) secure Bean a hearty meal involving salmon; E) run home so that she can watch The Barbie Diaries one more time and so I can work; F) get Kim at the airport around 9pm; G) hopefully see elizabeg, who is in town for her brother's graduation, though the fact that downtown and 4th Ave. will be swarming with newly minted and pinted B.A.s may prevent us from visiting our usual haunts like Congress and The Grill.

Sunday will be devoted to cleaning; conducting an interview with Charles Bernstein on the opera Shadowtime, about Walter Benjamin, for which he wrote the libretto; grading tons of papers; and writing, writing, writing. Sufficient sleep seems unlikely, to say the least. But at least the family unit will have returned to full strength.
Tags: everyday

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