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Coincidence Means More Than One Cut Into the Same Source

It's hard to find the pulse of anything in 2400 words per issue. But the music section at Tikkun seems to have stumbled upon a surprising Pitchfork tributary. Today's edition of the latter features an interview with Sufjan Stevens, whom I profiled last year, in which he makes an intriguing statement of preference:
Pitchfork: Can you think of any examples where you've tried to "sabotage" your music responsibly?

Sufjan: I love the electric guitar, and the Ex is one of my favorite bands, this punk band from The Netherlands.

And in college, I was blown away by Sonic Youth, Daydream Nation, Sister-- that kind of guitar-rock is still very musical but very dark, heavy, and dirty. I think there's moments where I'm playing around with that element, and everything is harmonious and melodic, then there'll be this undermining chaotic guitar line that rises up out of it, trying to sort of sabotage the harmony. I really want to experiment with that exclusively and get rid of all the pretty, listenable acoustic stuff.
My piece on The Ex appeared in the next issue of the magazine. I never would have guessed, though, that the band's name would be linked to Stevens in any way. Nor that he would also namecheck the records that changed my life as a college freshman. What's next, a Matthew Herbert remix of "Decatur"?
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