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Accountable To the Present, Recounting the Past

Just so you don't think I've snagged my stone-wash denim cargo pants on a submerged branch in the course of all this diving into my trove with its treasures untold, let me state, for the record, that I'm finding the latest Built To Spill album You in Reverse -- you can get a taste of it here -- perfect for my spätfrühling mood. I've liked the band since the early 1990s, but have never been a huge follower. For some reason, though, I'm suddenly smitten with the sprawling post-hippy guitar landscapes that Doug Martsch and his collaborators conjure. I mean, I know what the record's Pitchfork reviewer was getting at, but I'm apparently in a frame of mind that makes neo-Neil Young rambles sound like the second coming of the Danny Whitten-era Crazy Horse. Maybe it's all that time I'm spending underwater. Maybe it's that aquarium I drank the other day.
Tags: archive, autobiography, music

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