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A Strong End to the Week

We're sitting in Zona 78 after picking up Bean at the end of her first week of camp at the Tucson Museum of Art. The program has been a tremendous success so far, though she was a little take aback by her first art school critique session, in which someone suggested she should have moved the shadow on her still life over a bit. Kim and I explained to her how critiques work by recounting our own experiences with art class, poetry workshops, and editing each other's work. I think Skylar understands better now, though she may get anxious in two weeks when she will be having her next critique session. I should add that the picture in question was her first still life drawing done from life, which and came out very well considering she'd never tried to render three dimensions through the play of light and shadow before. She also made a mosaic out of broken ceramic pieces this week, doing everything herself, including the grouting, which she really enjoyed. Now she's eating her third piece of ciabatta and reading the second Harry Potter book, which she has almost finished. One of the things she likes about art camp is that they give the kids a leisurely lunch break in which she is permitted to read. Even better, when she's getting tired in one of her two three-hour classes, she can just get out her book and declare a reading break. Boston in playing over the sound system here at the restaurant: "More Than a Feeling." I could swear it has been on for fifteen minutes. That's alright, though, because I kind of like Boston, even though I would feel guilty declaring it to be a "guilty pleasure" in the wake of the paper I gave at this year's Experience Music Project conference in Seattle. Besides, I have asparagus to eat. Did I mention how happy we are that it's overcast today? The sun is oppressive when it's out all the time. See you soon.
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