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Plate of the Week

During our week on the coast, I went to Kealani's, the Hawai'ian place that Bean likes. four times. The first time she and I went while Kim was having night out. The second time Kim joined us. The third time Bean and I took my parents. And on the fourth time, yesterday, all five of us ate there. It's not for vegetarians -- Pacific Island cuisine is very meat-focused -- but easy to recommend to anyone else who likes inexpensive, large portions. The mahi-mahi was fresh and tasty. The chicken cutlets were everything a cheap, breaded cutlet should be. The teriyaki chicken is good. And the roasted pork is extraordinary.

So, thanks tpratt for your endorsement last year, which convinced me to try the place, at Skylar's request, this past March. As for the poi which Bean was so eager to try and is only served on Saturdays, it looks and tastes exactly the way that it is described in my Hawai'an cookbook. I'm not going to rush out to sample it again, but it was interesting. And Bean bravely ate a sizeable quantity with her "one-finger poi" technique. I wish I were a tattooed Leucadia surfer, so I could spend hours on the ocean and then come in for a double-meat order without feeling guilty about it.
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