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We got up early this morning to take Skylar in for surgery to have her adenoids removed. Since the Camper Van Beethoven-Cracker show last night went past 1am, I didn't get much sleep. But it doesn't really matter, because sleep wouldn't help much with the stress-induced psychological exhaustion that Kim, I, and, above all, Skylar are currently experiencing.

The surgery went according to plan, without incident. But Skylar came out of the general anesthesia in a bad state. Between the disorientation from the anesthetic, the Demerol that made her nauseous, and her general level of anxiety, she didn't come back to a state of calm for a very long time. Apparently, the local anesthetic they put in the roof of her mouth made her mouth so numb that she couldn't feel herself breathing once she had regained consciousness, prompting her to scream, "I can't breathe," over and over again. We told her that she wouldn't be able to say that if she couldn't breathe, but there was no consoling her for a long time.

Kim eventually got her to the point where she could be discharged. She slept all the way home. Then she lay very quietly on our "classic" V-Town sofa, watching The Swan Princess.

A few minutes ago she got up to use the bathroom, felt woozy, and sat down on Kim. Two saltines, her first solid food since last night, seemed to make her feel a little better.

Now she's in our bed with Kim, taking a nap.
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