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Dare I Say It?

While at Urgent Care this morning, I had another strange experience with one of those people who plays the role of doctor without actually being a doctor. I know that nurse practitioners and the like are preferred by many because they tend to be more generous with their time and words. But I've found them to be lacking in the reasonably important area of medical knowledge. Today's non-doctor expressed bafflement when I told her my asthma was better during the humid times of year. "That's not possible. People with asthma do better in dry climates."

I protested that only some people with asthma do better in dry climates, while others, like me, do better in wetter climates. She wasn't buying it. Finally, I said, "Why do you think they use vaporizers and/or steam for people who are suffering from a bad cough. "I never thought of that," she replied.

Then she went on to argue with me that penicillin and amoxicillin aren't functionally equivalent for the treatment of strep. "You're getting penicillin. That's all we prescribe for strep." I told her I was pretty sure that the prescription would be for amoxicillin. "No, that's for something else. You're getting penicillin." Guess what I just brought home from Walgreen's: amoxicillin.
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