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I Want Lozenge

In an effort to distract myself from the Bad Feeling in my throat, I was paging through the latest number of The Believer, their third-annual music issue, and finally took the time to read Gustavo Turner's "Schema: The Ends of Innocence" in its entirety. It's one of those chart pieces that require you to turn the magazine ninety degrees to read. I've found some of them rather boring. But this one is really good. Turner provides layers of background for the Bow Wow Wow hit "I Want Candy," covering everything from pedophilia to Manet to Bo Diddley with impressive perspicuity. I suspect he was inspired in this task by Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette slated to hit the States this fall, which includes a Kevin Shields-remix of the song, as well as other Bow Wow Wow material and New Order's gorgeous "Age of Consent," on the soundtrack and apparently borrows from the band's Malcolm McLaren-devised sensibility in its irreverent approach to the historical material. Whatever Turner's reason for picking that song as the occasion for his "thick description," however, the result made for a sweet interlude in a day of sour swallowing.
Tags: history, media, music

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