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The dew point is rising, folks. As soon as we hit the third consecutive day of it averaging 54 degrees Fahrenheit or above, the Monsoon will have officially begun. Since the start date is determined retroactively, being the first of those three consecutive days, it is extremely likely that we'll have a June Monsoon on our hands. And that will be something the Nicolini-Bertsches have never experienced before. Strangely, years ending in "6" have had June start dates for many decades. That's a pretty strange statistical aberration, if you ask me. I'm delighted at the prospect of spending all of July in the bliss of humidity that is mild by Midwestern or East Coast standards, but worlds better for me than the parching desiccation of much of the Sonoran year. Did I mention how awesome this place smells after a summer thuderstorm? If a smell can be sublime -- Kant didn't discuss olfactory matters much, alas -- than it assuredly is.
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