Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Klose Call

Sorry, I couldn't resist. Neither Argentina nor Germany looked as fluid as they had in previous games, but I think their respective defenses had a lot to do with that. The once-maligned German backfield made many nice stops. In the end, this was more like the old-school German victories, with a few seconds of brilliance in the air -- Miroslav Klose's authoritative goal came off an excellent cross from Michael Ballack and a spot-on flick from Tim Borowski in the box -- compensating for an otherwise stolid performance. Still, it was nice to see Ballack overcome his physical ailments to make his penalty kick and nicer still to see the also-maligned Lehmann guess correctly on every Argentinian penalty kick and make two saves. Germany now has a good chance of making the final, unless Italy can beat the Ukraine and then show better form than they have so far in the World Cup.
Tags: sports

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