Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch


Up until yesterday, the only one of our shelled friends we had seen this year was Tim, the box turtle, who has made numerous appearances. Although there was plenty of turtle and tortoise poop in the backyard and the food we put out for them was clearly being eaten, our other three named reptiles -- we also have plenty of half-domesticated lizards, but they have yet to be christened -- had proved elusive. Then yesterday I saw the beautiful and perpetually grumpy Marie, our other box turtle. But I was beginning to despair of ever seeing our desert tortoises. And, then, as I was walking into the family room a few minutes ago, I saw Felicia:

I had to rush to put some greens out for her. She wasn't disturbed by my bustling and waited patiently for her meal. Now, only Max remains to be seen. Considering the fact that we only saw him a few times all of last summer, though, when the yard was a lot less overgrown, I'm not counting on adding to the hat trick anytime soon.
Tags: home, pets, tucson

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