Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Not Bad For an Old Man

I was able to play full-court basketball for the first time in a long while this afternoon. It's hard in the humid environs of the JCC -- always a lot wetter than the air outside -- but good for me. Later, after the big game had broken up and I was playing a two-on-two contest, the thick-muscled guy I was guarding asking me how much I weigh. "I hover around 225." He replied that he was 208. "And how old are you?" I told him I was 38. "Damn, you move well, then. I'm in training for a weight-lifting competition, but you're keeping up with me." In truth, he seemed to get winded easily, perhaps because he's working too hard on building mass. Nevertheless, I'll take the compliment, particularly because I'm more out of shape than usual right now. I shot like shit, too, but his words are drowning out all that clanging of the rim.
Tags: everyday, health, sports

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