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Room To Grow

All the work Kim put in on Skylar's room last week -- made possible by the generosity of her grandparents -- is paying off. She's spending way more time in there than before. Yesterday she read for hours inside the leaf-dappled mosquito netting that now drapes around her bed. When her friend came over, they spent hours in her room as well. And she greatly appreciates the way in which her new dresser and mirror give her the privacy to make herself fabulous.

Today's ensemble, which took about fifteen minutes to put together, consists of the communion dress I bought her -- at her request, mind you -- at Marshall's last month, the poncho she got for her birthday last year, the remaining fingerless glove that was part of the "More grrr, less purr" spotted outfit she'd wanted so badly for Christmas back in 2004, and the ruby slippers we were smart to purchase in two different sizes so that she would be able to wear them for a while:

She specifically requested that I put a photo up on her blog so her mother could see it. What I love about her fashion sense, unconventional though it may be, is its total fearlessness. She knows what looks good to her and that's all she cares about. I hope she retains much of that self-confidence as she moves forward into the years of intense peer-pressure. It won't be easy. But maybe, just maybe, the artist inside her will win out.
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