Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

More Than Before

Well, the first meeting between Skylar and her young cousin was very auspicious. Jazz is a beautiful and energetic baby who delighted in her attention. I thought he was pretty darling too. Spending time with him also brought out the desire-to-act-more-mature in the Bean, who kept asking for a freedom to do things on her own that I reluctantly -- given the hectic environment of the Inner Harbor on a summer Sunday -- conceded. She did just fine, though, returning from her excursions across the bookstore without incident.

Right now she's staring out the window at the Hyatt across the water, saying, "I miss Jazz" and wishing she could see him again right now. Here they are having fun together during our late lunch.

Her fears about being relegated to the margins by the excitement of a new family member were not realized. "It's better having Jazz in the family, like when we got Smokey and it made everyone happier." I fully agree.
Tags: everyday, family, photography, travel

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