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That Girl

I was transferring photos from the laptop to the desktop this evening, trying to free up space on the hard drive of the former, and came across the ones from last year's Week of Magnificence, in which we repeated the annual ritual of celebrating Skylar's birthday and her parents' wedding anniversary -- the same day, if you're keeping track -- and then següeing seamlessly into our Halloween festivities. Included in that batch are the photos from our drive up Mt. Lemmon with Sami on the 30th. We ended that excursion in Summerhaven over slices of pie, recreating the day we spent with Sami on his first visit to Tucson back in September, 2000. The light was just right for capturing faces and I got some nice shots of him and even better ones of the Bean. This one is my favorite:

It's one of those photos that seem to distill the essence of the subject's personality. When I think of Skylar, I think of that slightly mischievous smile, the curve of her cheeks, the way her astonishingly long eyelashes veil all but the middle of her eyes. She has grown up a lot since last fall, but those qualities will be with her forever.
Tags: family, memory, photography

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