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I just commented on a friend's LJ about the impossibly messed-up lyrics to "Brown Sugar." It's hard to remember, at a time when the Stones have come to stand for empty spectacle, that they were once capable of pushing buttons as well as anyone. That's not why I'm writing this, though. I'm writing this because, hearing that song on shuffle play, I had to switch modes so that I could hear the whole album. I'm writing this because the first three songs of Sticky Fingers are about as strong an introduction to an album as I can think of. "Sway" never got much radio airplay, but it's one of my favorite Stones songs and deserving of a listen -- I'm providing it here for your convenience -- with fresh ears. And "Wild Horses" -- is truly sublime. That scene in Gimme Shelter where the band is listening to the song play back in the famous Muscle Shoals studio during their North American tour is easily one of my top-five music videos, even though it was never intended to serve that function. The tip of Keith Richards cowboy boot rocking back and forth, the expression of Mick Jagger's face as he is forced to acknowledge the nakedness of his own performance, Charlie Watts looking into the distance of the Maysles Brothers' camera: it's rock and roll at its finest. Now I'm on "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" and there's not a bit of letdown. The Doors-like interlude in the middle is superb. If only I had the original Andy Warhol LP cover with the actual zipper. . .
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