Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Love or Confusion?

I've decided that I want to follow the sports that are big in the Commonwealth. I lack the TV package, unfortunately. But the wish is there. And top on my list is a burning desire to become conversant in cricket. Unfortunately, even though I've done a little reading, I am still utterly baffled by the sport:
Yousuf was run out while taking a single, with Paul Collingwood diving to hit the stumps after Khan had played Mahmood to point. With Pakistan on 80-4, Iqbal was caught behind off Mahmood after hitting it leg side. Akmal then edged the ball for an easier catch for Read.
Then again, given my preference for the difficult, perhaps it's the very impenetrability of cricket narratives that appeals to me.
Tags: sports
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