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Towards a Bigger Dragnet

I'm sick of reading about doped-up athletes. Whatever happened to doped-up rock starts? I mean, aside from the former Libertine who plunged Kate Moss into a life of sin, there simply isn't enough rumor. I want to hear about how Sufjan Stevens takes so many steroids that he actually thinks he'll finish his "50 States" project. I want someone to suggest that the forthcoming Killers album sucks because Mr. Flowers has a Mormon cough syrup habit. I want to learn that the reason that there are so many bands with lots of members -- I mean, I'm From Barcelona apparently has 29 of them -- because they are part of a heretofore unknown drug cartel. And I want Madonna to get arrested for illegal procurement of human growth hormone. Is that too much to ask?
Tags: humor, music

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