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The Persistence of Yuliya

You may remember my entry from early July in which I quoted a message I'd received "out of the blue" from one "Yuliya" who claimed to live in "Kazan." Well, I keep receiving comments on it from people who have received similar missives. Some appear to share my ironic distance from the subject. Others seem to care deeply about exposing the scam they have discerned. Taken collectively, the comment thread has a strange sort of beauty, juxtaposing Yuliya's inventive letters, which vary in the details if not their underlying purpose, with the responses to them. residentcharlie even passed on a photo that Yuliya had sent him:

I find the image strangely compelling. Although being deployed in the service of what is almost certainly deliberate deceit, the truth recorded by the objectif makes that deceit double back on itself into a melancholy that can't be laughed away. I'm starting to wonder whether it would be possible to reassemble the material that's been accumulating in that comment thread into some sort of art project, one that would go beyond the spam poetry I've posted here in the past to get at something deeper.
Tags: art, spam, theory

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