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Further Thoughts on the Society of the Spectacle

Since masoo kindly supplemented his comment to my entry of this morning with an entry in which he altered my photo of Stonehenge to support his point, I thought it only proper that I respond in kind:

I debated whether to restore Po's lightning so that her screen would match the others, but I like the idea of explosions following each other in sequence, like "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" sung in a round. Picture something Nam June Paik-esque. Oh, and I especially like the devil horns, which develop the early-70s-hard-rock aesthetic of masoo's remix.

On a more serious note, I heartily encourage you to think as critically about the Teletubbies as you would think about fascism. A long time ago, I wrote a short piece for Bad Subjects making an analogous point. Now I'm starting to see new directions for Teletubby Studies.

Like, have you ever pondered the show's retro vibe? There must be a reason why they live in a structure Buckminster Fuller would have approved of and are in the care of a robotic vacuum cleaner that conjures the futuristic visions of the mid-Twentieth Century. And then there's the anachronistic depiction of channels of distribution, with the Teletubbies picking up signals transmitted the old-fashioned way instead of through a cable or a satellite dish. Indeed, you could easily make the case that the show is designed to make its young devotees for a past that long preceded their birth, namely the Golden Age of Fordist media. Or you could just get higher than a kite and count rabbits
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