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Hopes Are Filled With Helium - De File
Does Collecting Make You Feel Dirty?
Hopes Are Filled With Helium
There was never much reason to be enthusiastic about this year's edition of the San Francisco Giants. And, once they came out of the All-Star Break playing the worst baseball in the league, plunging from the top of the abysmal National League West to the bottom, tracking their games on the computer -- I don't get to watch too many on television with our cable package -- started to feel like bringing a lawn chair to a public execution. But now they've temporarily turned things around and, after having won 11 of their last 14 contests, are once again in the thick of what may turn out to be the most mediocre down-to-the-wire playoff race in baseball history. This means that, even though I'd told myself not to care too much, I'm once again getting those Schmetterlinge in the stomach when they're playing. Coupled with my extreme anxiety about Cal's road game at Tennessee next Saturday and you have a recipe for my most engagé fandom since college basketball season ended. Rest assured that I realize only two or three of you give a damn about the fluctuations in my sports barometer. I just wanted the rest of you to know why I might seem unexpectedly distant over the next few weeks.

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