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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Watching the Cubs debacle tonight brought back such vivid memories of the horror of World Series Game 6 last year that I felt physically ill as a consequence.

Some sports commentators have speculated that Cubs and Red Sox fans actually wouldn't know what to do with themselves if their teams shook their respective curses. It's funny how psychoanalysis, supposedly discredited by "real" psychologists in the States -- things seems a little different in Europe and the UK -- still manages to seep into the most unlikely parts of our everyday lives. The theory in question is, of course, perfectly congruent with Freud's account of melancholia. I realize that Burton et. al. had developed the idea of melancholy before Freud came on the scene, but it is Freud's description that resonates most strongly in the tale of these fans who don't really want to let go of their losses.

It's funny. Dusty Baker, former Giants manager, who presided over the tragedy of last year's Game 6, has been given lots of shit by the more "rational," stat-oriented followers of baseball for managing with his heart instead of his head. But his repeated insistence, ever since taking over the Cubs last fall, that the team's history is irrelevant and that the only thing that matters is the here and now, is a pretty fair approximation of the sort of puncturing of baseball romance that Bill James and his disciples made their stock in trade.

Of course, the more Dusty says that, the more that the media brings up the past. Unless the Cubs right their ship tomorrow, today's game will be used endlessly to confirm the romance.
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