Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch


I enjoy looking up from the computer monitor in my office at home to see the contrast between the blankness of the wall outside and the slice of sky above it. It's relaxing. But I'm delighted to be experiencing an important variation in that view:

A few years back I had the inspiration to put a plant in that spot. I dug out a hole and built up a rim of rocks around it to collect water. We never extended the drip system to that side of the house, though, so I put the project on hold. And then, out of nowhere, this native plant -- we had one in the backyard a few years back -- ended up taking advantage of the location. It's a small thing, surely, but I'll take joy in any size, particularly in this time of incessant bad news.
Tags: everyday, home, photography

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