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Hope Is Like a Weed

The chances of the Giants making the playoffs aren't great. And the chances of there actually winning a series if they do make it there are worse. But I've found myself slowly starting to make room for wishful thinking during their recent surge. Barry's recent return to 75% of his former form is one reason. The biggest, though, is Matt Cain, who has been astonishingly good of late:
Cain, whose 13 wins lead all NL rookies, has been nearly unhittable for a month now. He's 5-0 in six starts since Aug. 12 with a 0.21 ERA, allowing just one earned run in 42 innings — and he hasn't allowed an earned run in his last 30 2-3 innings.
Those are some impressive numbers. Maybe this time they can hold on to a good young pitcher and oversee his development into a long-term ace. Probably not, but I can dream. . .
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