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Depth of Field

I love scrolling back and forth in my computer photo album. Correspondences reveal themselves without much exertion. Of all the photos I've ever taken, this one would have to rank in my personal Top Ten. The depth of field is perfect:

Skylar in a Hoodie, SF 1999

When I saw Catherine Hollis at the MLA, I thought of this wonderful hooded sweatshirt she gave Skylar as an infant. We have so many great pictures of the Bean wearing it. It literally brightened our lives. Thank you, Catherine!

Compare the eyes, the intensity of expression in this photo to the one shown in previous pictures of Sklyar on my blog. Even at six months, she radiated intellectual power and seriousness of purpose. It was like living with an adult trapped in a baby's body. Watching her, I never felt starved for community.

Incidentally, I took this picture while Skylar, Sami, and I waited in the park where different San Francisco street grids converge. Kim was getting her hair cut by Michelina. A time-consuming but very worthwhile process. I really loved pushing Skylar about in the Castro during Kim's appointments there. I'm so homesick for 16th and Mission!

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