Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

iPod Updater

My friend Joel called me yesterday afternoon to tell me that my piece on the iPod had been picked up by AlterNet. Since AlterNet is one of my favorite places on the web, home to some of the best progressive columnists, seeing my name on the home page, to the left of a gesticulating Stephen Colbert, is a real treat:

What's more it's a treat that reminds me of more important things. Despite the near-toxic combination of everyday stress and political despair that has consumed me during most of George W. Bush's administration, there's still an intellectual community of smart, brave people out there that I can look to for inspiration. But it also reminds me of the value of friendship itself in the formation of this community of resistance, for it has only been as a result of the unwavering support of people like Joel -- you can read his great review of the new Dead Moon anthology here -- that I have been able to keep doing the sort of work I want to do.

And now that I have finished the feel-good portion of this entry, I will direct you to my piece itself in its new vacation home, where it has already received a number of hostile comments. Although some of the points made against the piece seem valid to me, I preferred to read them in the comment thread to my Live Journal entry about the piece and the one that developed on my friend Steven's blog. For the record, though, I will declare here -- it doesn't make sense to get involved in the AlterNet comment thread, where authors are unlikely to fare well in high-temperature combat -- that I have an iPod myself and have sometimes used it in the precise manner my piece critiques. As I noted in my Live Journal entry, the problem with writing a polemical argument in the mode of the Frankfurt School is that it leads to an exaggeration of one's position. But I was willing to make that concession in order to draw attention to a broader trend in our society of which the iPod is, as one of the AlterNet commenters indicated, but one index.
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