Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Know-How and Expertise

Here's a helpful quote from Friedrich Schlegel's Athenäums-Fragmente:
Wenn junge Personen beiderlei Geschlects nach einer lustigen Musik zu tanzen wissen, so fällt es ihnen gar nicht ein, deshalb über die Tonkunst urteilen zu wollen. Warum haben die Leute weniger Respekt vor der Poesie?
Interestingly enough, it sounds a bit like one of Ludwig Wittgenstein's musings from the Philosophical Investigations. The difference being that Wittgenstein would have made it clear that the practical knowledge of how to perform a particular dance is in now way inferior to the theoretical knowledge that qualifies an expert to pass aesthetic judgment.
Tags: german, poetry, theory

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