Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

EVENT: Michael Lerner Speaking in Tucson Tomorrow

Michael Lerner, the main man behind Tikkun magazine, for which I have been writing these past two years, and also the Network of Spiritual Progressives, which attempts forge political alliances across religious lines in an effort to combat the Right, will be speaking in Tucson tomorrow evening.

He's a forceful, stylish writer and speaker, who makes a great deal of sense, even to someone like myself who is more inclined towards secular pursuits. If you are interested in the prospect of taking back spirituality from its bondage in conservative ideology, you should make every effort to attend. Also, there are local chapters of the Network of Spiritual Progressives here. As I learn more about how they work, I'll keep you informed about ways of participating.
Tags: local, politics, tucson

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