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An Overlong Postmodern Haiku - De File
Does Collecting Make You Feel Dirty?
An Overlong Postmodern Haiku
The smell of those new fruity Cheerios,
left to soften in the morning's watered-down milk,
and the "gravy" from two cans of Fancy Feast;
Whip-tailed cat crunching on the cereal bag.

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masoo From: masoo Date: October 18th, 2006 03:14 am (UTC) (LINK TO SPECIFIC ENTRY)
I love those new fruity Cheerios ... taste kinda like Froot Loops.
cbertsch From: cbertsch Date: October 18th, 2006 04:03 am (UTC) (LINK TO SPECIFIC ENTRY)
They're good. But as we just realized, they're a bit too sugary for Bean to have on a daily basis for breakfast. They make her a bit too Johnny Rotten-esque.
_luaineach From: _luaineach Date: October 18th, 2006 04:32 pm (UTC) (LINK TO SPECIFIC ENTRY)
You water down your milk? Blech!
cbertsch From: cbertsch Date: October 18th, 2006 04:45 pm (UTC) (LINK TO SPECIFIC ENTRY)
No, no! The bowl was sitting in the sink.
_luaineach From: _luaineach Date: October 18th, 2006 07:16 pm (UTC) (LINK TO SPECIFIC ENTRY)
*OH*! Well. That's a relief. Because when I first read it, it made my tummy hurt. I was picturing maybe you guys made milk from powder or something and made it extra watery and...

You can see where the "Blech!" would come from!
cbertsch From: cbertsch Date: October 18th, 2006 08:16 pm (UTC) (LINK TO SPECIFIC ENTRY)
Oh, certainly. We only drink real milk, rest assured.
From: bobo_amargo Date: October 18th, 2006 10:07 pm (UTC) (LINK TO SPECIFIC ENTRY)

Got Bilked?

When I was a kid, my mother was so frugal (or we were so poor) real milk was a rare treat. Every two weeks, we'd buy that big box of Borden's powdered milk. The "cream of the jest," as one of the characters in Hitchcock's Notorious puts it, was that my sister and I not only had to drink the god-awful stuff, but had to make it. It was terrible. When my dad finally got that "big" raise (he retired ten years ago making $29,500/year), we got to mix the powdered with real two percent.

I look forward to the scanner-rama fun that's in the offing.
cbertsch From: cbertsch Date: October 20th, 2006 07:07 am (UTC) (LINK TO SPECIFIC ENTRY)

Re: Got Bilked?

A number of my childhood friends in rural Pennnsylvania did the same thing. Although my family wasn't that well off by suburban standards, I felt almost wealthy, with all the misgivings that entailed, when I was around those powdered milk drinkers. We got ours from the local dairy, real cows and all, that my classmate Dawn's parents ran.
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