Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Does the Position Come with a Black Leather Trenchcoat?

Apparently, intellectuals can make a difference:
Dear Editor:

Contrary to popular belief, Jeff Skilling's 24-year sentence is
profoundly unjust--and the media bear a major portion of the blame.

Ever since the fall of Enron, those covering Enron have treated as
fact every conceivable ax-grinding smear against the company, while
treating as absurd any explanation for Enron's fall other than a
massive fraud engineered by Lay and Skilling. (One such explanation is
that the company's highly leveraged, trust-based business model could
not survive revelations of embezzlement by CFO Andy Fastow in
post-bubble, post-9/11 market conditions.) During the trial, the media
failed to inform the public that the prosecution was coming nowhere
near proving its central allegation that Jeff Skilling was guilty of

What explains this conduct? Our journalists and intellectuals, accept
the idea that the pursuit of profit is morally tainted. Thus, they
assume that whenever anything goes wrong in business, it is the result
of crooked behavior by greedy, rich CEOs--and slant their coverage
accordingly. This practice is putting numerous innocent men in jail,
and instilling terror throughout corporate America.

Alex Epstein
Junior Fellow
The Ayn Rand Institute
2121 Alton Parkway #250
Irvine, CA
949-222-6550 ext. 208
Here I'd been thinking that progressives had been shunted to the margins of American society. But it turns out that they have been "instilling terror throughout corporate American." Maybe you do need a weatherman to tell which way the wind blows.
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