Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch


I'm happy for the Beavers fans, I suppose -- the burden of their mascot is large -- but I'm still disappointed that USC lost because of what it means for the Bears. The best case scenario would have been for USC to lose to Cal and win the remainder of their games. That was never a particularly likely scenario, I'll grant you, since this year's Cal-USC game is at the Coliseum. Still, I had hope that things might transpire that way. Now I suppose the second-best outcome would be for USC to do the same thing, trouncing Notre Dame in the process. Either way, the Bears have a decent chance at the Rose Bowl. Unless they fall to USC or, worse, UCLA, or, appallingly bad, Arizona, or, worst of all, Stanford. See, I still have plenty of ingrained pessimism to strut before you.
Tags: sports

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