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Like danlmarmot and his circle of friends, I've been following the news from San Francisco with great interest. There's less self-interest on my part, but I'm still excited to an extent that I would not have expected.

San Francisco is such a strange place compared to the rest of the United States. Gavin Newsom used to get harshed on within the City for being too pro-business, too mainstream. I imagine he still will be, after the dust settles. But you have to admire his courage. And Dennis Herrera's. And that of all the city officials working so hard to cut a window of hope into the imposing façade of our increasingly totalitarian society.

I love the Bay Area, despite its faults, because of its faults. It's time somebody shook up the conservatives by making progress. I normally preach moderation in political and personal dealings. But for once I'm going to stand up and say, "Let them quake!"
Tags: bay area, politics

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