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Day One

I'm sure it says a lot about me that I'm listening to music I purchased in Germany back in 1987 out of solidarity with my younger sister's tastes, because I'm nostalgic for my younger sister's tastes, even though she has long since left them behind and would probably have to struggle to recall them at all. Nature or nurture?

It's always interesting to ponder how programmed we are from birth. And that brings me to today' s picture, which I present in solidarity with my cough-stricken daughter.

Kim, Charlie, and Skylar's first family photo

There's video -- shot from behind Kim's head, over the privacy curtain -- of Skylar being extracted and then turning purple on the table where they do the first medical inspection. But this is the very first photo taken of Skylar outside the womb. Nature or nurture?

Tags: archive, daughter, family, nostalgia, photography
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