Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Why I'm Rooting For the Wildcats (and the Trojans)

I pull for the Wildcats when they are underdogs, unless they're playing Cal. And I pull for them against ASU because I have no allegiance to the Sun Devils other than my general preference for the Pac-10 -- that's why I want the Fighting Irish to go down, BTW -- and because, quite frankly, the folks up in Maricopa County shaft the U of A for ASU's benefit. But today I'm rooting for the Cats with special vigor because I would be really, really pissed if, after having upset the Bears and handily beaten Washington State and Oregon, they were to blow their bowl chances by losing to a hugely disappointing Sun Devil squad. At least they got a touchdown back before the half. Still, where is that superb defense they have showcased hiding?
Tags: sports

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