Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Sounds Like an ELO Cover

Danny DeVito has been taking heat for showing up drunk on The View after staying up all night partying with George Clooney. Or, rather, for taking the Presidency in vain. I thought he was pretty funny, actually. Even better, though, were some of the comments on the YouTube clip. Here's my favorite:
He is a funny guy, sadly he's just another Liberal star who uses the stage to lecture people on his views, just like the Dixie chicks, Striesand, etc. Most of those Hollywood Libs are Scientologists, who believe Jesus will come back on a spaceship.
This is pure genius. First conservatives started calling liberals "leftists." Now they can tar them with the sticky goo of Scientology too. It makes me want to revisit my copy of Dianetics.
Tags: humor, news, politics
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