Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

I Want Some More of It

Why is it that every time I'm in a men's restroom on the road, I seem to hear that country song that goes, "I like it/I love it/I want some more of it," playing. It's disturbing. Tonight's manifestation was especially eerie. I was at a McDonald's in Florence, making an unexpected and lengthy detour on the way home from Phoenix, when I heard that song in the netherworld of stinky urinals and spray-dappled sinks. When I emerged to await my 10-piece McNuggets -- with sweet and sour sauce, just the way I ordered them in the year of their debut -- there was an entirely different song playing in the rest of the establishment. I wondered whether I'd been hallucinating and therefore walked back inside the men's room for a second only to hear another reprise of, "I want some more of it." So here's the question: was I of sound mind at the time or was I in fact hallucinating the fact that I wasn't hallucinating?
Tags: everyday, humor, travel
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