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If I Could Settle Down

After bravely getting on the school bus Friday for the long drive out to Colossal Cave for her "Cowboy For a Day" winter break event and, more bravely still, riding a horse all by herself for the first time, Skylar was rewarded yesterday with an hourlong ride at Pusch Ridge Stables. Although nervous at first, she maintained her composure and went on to have a great time. Given the expense, I opted not to ride myself. But I did enjoy the atmosphere, not to mention the fact that the owners have one of those calendars full of President Bush's gaffes that counts down the days until his departure. I also got to pet a nice black cat who reminded me of the wily Coal from our neighborhood and watch him get playfully chased by a dog named Billy, who bore a strong resemblance to tensleep's Caeli, who may have been the cutest puppy I ever saw. As I was documenting the riders' departure, I felt something brush against my legs and looked down to see Billy looking up at me:

Although cats are my pets of preference, there's something about a friendly canine greeting that can pierce the thickest gloom. I had the strangest sense, as I gave Billy a rub, that he had come over to me with that purpose in mind. Overall, the whole ranch experience was so restorative, even though I didn't go on the ride, that I found myself having odd fantasies of moving to the middle of nowhere and occupying myself with farmhand tasks. Of course, since I can barely hammer and screw, my fitness for that life is questionable. Still, it's nice to dream.
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