Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Hard To Believe

I can't believe that the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback went 4 for 14 for a grand total of 35 yards. The Buckeye offense looked completely unprepared. And the coaching staff failed to make any meaningful adjustments as the game progressed. My one consolation is that my father-in-law, who was looking forward to this contest, didn't miss anything. I'm going to go visit him in the ICU right now and can declare, with a clean conscience, that this was a good BCS Championship to sleep through. After the first quarter, it was all downhill. That had to be the most boring second half I've seen in years. Thank the Almighty for that Boise State-Oklahoma game, which I'm presently duping over my memory of tonight's debacle. Again, though: Heisman winner Troy Smith threw for 35 yards. How is that possible?
Tags: sports

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