Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Show Your World To Me

While driving home a little while ago, I had to turn off the classical station because I was sick of the pledge drive and tuned in to The Mountain 92.9 FM, a Clear Channel affiliate that approximates the Bay Area's KFOG, but which is slightly more annoying. Anyway, they played that Dave Matthews "Crash" song -- it seems that stations with that format have been playing that one hourly since it debuted -- and I mused once more, as I have on previous listens, on the degree to which it manages to be overtly sexual without running afoul of FCC regulations. It's like a primer on how to sing about sex on the radio without getting bleeped. I don't like the song or the performer that much. I own none of his records. But I do admire the way he manages to do what those Renaissance poets did, if less artfully, in taking full advantage of double meanings.
Tags: media, music
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