Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Too Far West (and Not Far Enough)

Two tours I really, really want to see, the reconstituted Lemonheads and Yo La Tengo aren't even going to make it over the Rockies. And there are others I'm excited about that won't stop anywhere between California and Texas. Is it so awful here in winter? I mean, I understand why bands might not want to drive vans across the desert in June. But this is the time of beauty and relative warmth on the I-10 corridor. Speaking of which, I'm realizing yet again that Austin is the best place to catch tours in the United States, since folks their can catch ones that are centered on both halves of the country. Part of me wants to go see Evan Dando there, but it's not the part grounded in reality.
Tags: music, tucson

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