Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

I Wanna Take You Slyer

The news that all of Sly and the Family Stone's pre-disintegration albums are going be reissued prompted me to check out some clips of the band playing live. I've seen Woodstock several times, but I always forget how great they were. Their appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show -- when I was in diapers, incidentally -- defines "infectious":

I love when they go out into the audience to stir up some togetherness. Although my former place of residence -- memorably described by Greil Marcus in his excellent book Mystery Train as "a tough and grimy polyglot city on the north end of San Francisco Bay" -- has produced more than its fair share of famous musicians -- including E-40 and Mac Dre, whom I recently spotted as a bobblehead doll at the Zia Records on Speedway -- Sly belongs at the top of the list. I love Prince, but there's no doubt that he owes a huge debt of gratitude and maybe even some royalty checks to the Stone family.
Tags: music
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