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East Berlin

When I went to East Berlin in 1987 I was happy to find that the rubble of the war was still laying around for everyone to see. There wasn't money or inclination to erase the past as they had in the West.

Louisville makes me feel something similar. The downtown is full of gorgeous turn-of-the-century office buildings, many boarded-up, that survive because the urban renewal that left many cities with blocks of concrete and glass was forestalled, according to natives I spoke with, by the city's poverty during the first three decades after World War II.

The wholesale demolition of whole neighborhoods that Mike Davis describes in City of Quartz, for example, did not happen in Louisville's central district. Bunker Hill is alive and well. And, while I got the impression that it's not the safest place for an evening stroll, the architectural compensations are many.


Cunningham's, the restaurant on the right, has apparently been in continuous operation since the early years of Reconstruction.

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